Smurfs Baby Bathing
October 15, 2013 Baby caring games

Smurfs Baby BathingThis little baby smurf needs your help. He is in a playful mood and its time to him to have a bath. Use soaps, shampoos and different bathing items and wash him gently, give him some toys while bathing and make sure he stays always happy. Won’t be it pleasant scene to watch the smurf smiling! today you are going to bath a baby smurf in this cool baby game. The baby smurf is a very good baby. He loves to play with toys throughout the day. He has to take a bath every day in order to keep himself healthy but he doesn’t do it, instead he keeps on playing with his toy. his mom somehow wants to bathe him. She has bought lots of toys, baby body lotion, shampoo, soap and baby outfits and accessories from the baby store. Before bathing him, first you have to cheer him up by giving him some new toys that her mom has bought for him from the store. Once you realize that he in a happy mood take him to the bath tub and put him in it. Give him a nice bath and then dress him up in cute a baby outfit. Use your mouse to click on the bathing options and complete the baby bathing options.

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